Saturday, October 17, 2009

College Watercolor Course

I am taking Watercolor at a local college this semester. It is so hard! I thought it would be relaxing, and it is not! I have homework all the time. It has left very little time for card making. So much for relaxing! But, the good news is...I'm learning. I have an accounting and a business major, and let me tell is way more difficult! Most of the kids in my class are art majors, so I am not up to their level by any means. But, the good thing about surrounding yourself with talented people is that hopefully you learn.

Just wanted to show a few of the assignments I completed in August and September. I did three pieces in October, but forgot to take photos of them, and they are at school right now.

This is my very first art class. I didn't have art in High School, either. I think that is why I find it so difficult. I will post pics of the other stuff after I go fetch it. Hope ya'll are enjoying your day.


Anonymous said...


Your paintings are awesome! You have done a great job! My guess is that you will later incorporate what you have learned into projects that you create--then you will really relax and have fun! Keep on keepin' on!


The Wired Angel said...

Sherrie.. these are terrific!! You are SOOO hard on yourself. You are VERY talented. Go girl!