Saturday, January 15, 2011

Class at Archiver's Very Valentine Mini Card Workshop (part 2)

Here are the final 4 mini 3x3 cards we made at the Archiver's workshop yesterday.  Archiver's designed the cards, and we stamped, colored, and assembled the cards.  The handmade rose card took about an hour.  At home, I think I could make one in 30 minutes, but we had 4 ladies that had to share the McGill flower punch and tools to make the flower.  So, that added some time to the class.  The other 3 cards were not as time consuming.  I really enjoyed making the rose.  It was tedious and time consuming, but not difficult.  I haven't decided if I will invest in the McGill flower items for home.  How many flowers like this would I make?  :-)  The card would be difficult to mail.  If I do send through the mail, I will wrap it in foam, and place in a bubble envelope.  I also love the 24-7 card.  The tickets pull out of the little envelope - so cute!

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