Sunday, January 16, 2011

Archiver's Vintage Valentine Card Workshop

I took the Vintage Valentine Card Workshop at Archiver's this Wednesday.  It was a great class!  I always enjoy learning new techniques.  The new techniques I learned in this class were:  stamping on linen, torn images, and working with the McGill flower punch and tools.
If you are noticing tears in my card, no worries - they are supposed to be there!  Remember, the cards are supposed to look vintage, worn, and antique.
The cards were designed by Archiver's.  In class, we do the stamping, coloring, and assembling.  The class took between 2 and 3 hours.  The flower card took an hour - it was by far the most difficult card.  Using the punches and tools is very time consuming, but it wouldn't be if you were doing this at home, because you wouldn't have to share the tools.  I did change the ribbon design on the flower card and added my own little twist.
Enjoy, and please leave a comment if you have a question or wanna leave some love!


cassie min said...

really love your blog! :)
Visit my blog sometime,

emilia nordstedt said...

Wow, these cards are amazing. Would not mind getting one of these on valentines day.
Check out my blog, use tranlating or just watch the pictures :)

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing your Vintage cards! I was wondering if you could answer a question for me? Are pop dots used on the top layer of the card? While in MN I bought all the supplies for making this card, but I forgot to check how the card was layered. Since I live 3 hours away, I haven't been able to go back to Archivers or take the class. Thanks! Linda