Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Puppy and an 8th Birthday!

First of all, I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving!
Wow! It has been QUITE THE WEEK at the Reusch home! Here is a photo of Eli getting ready for the KU/MU game. One of his birthday presents was attending the game today. Eli and daddy said it was one of the best games they have ever seen!
Here is a painting I did for my watercolor class. We FINALLY got to paint a flower! Yay! My favorite! I sat in the greenhouse and sketched. Then, I went home and painted it.
And, THIS is the biggest news of ALL! New Puppy! New Puppy! Our very first dog! I am 40, and have never owned a dog. His name is Lukas. He is just a doll! We got him yesterday, and he has already been such a joy! He is a standard poodle. He is like a big teddy bear! He is a real gentleman, too! Our cat doesn't know what to think, as expected, but he will be fine. He sleeps in the day, and comes out at night (the kitty). Well goodness, he was doing that anyway. :D Hope you enjoy our photos!

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