Friday, September 18, 2009

Where Do You Shop?

Besides Stampin Up, that is...
Since I'm not sure if I'm going to sign the new IDA with Stampin Up - I'm just wondering where you guys shop. I'm sure I'll continue to buy some Stampin Up stuff, even if I'm not a demo anymore. But, I'm just not a "shop all in one place" type person anymore (like I used to be).
I don't think I'm going to buy paper from Archiver's anymore. I went there today, and I wasn't paying attention to the price of my Halloween designer paper. They have a list of prices up on a plate above the big, tall racks...but you have to look up whether it is glossy, shimmery, flocked, plain, etc... and I thought, "oh, I'll just get it...surely it isn't more than a buck a piece." WRONG! *gasp* Goodness. I checked out, and each sheet was $2.00 or $2.29 - I about died. But, I didn't return it either b/c by that point I already had a project in mind for that particular paper. Ugh.
I am sure I'll return to Archiver's for a little this and that....but for the most part....I'm kinda getting over that store. They also don't have very much Sizzix and a lot of their stamp sets seem kind of boring to me (although they do have some cute ones...but just not tons of cute ones).
I have been noticing some online stores that are really cute - and seem to have better deals. My friend April told me about Taylored Expressions yesterday - and their stuff is really cute.
So...where do you shop?


April D. Hunt said...

My absolute favorite is The Scrapbook Page on Shawnee Mission Parkway. They are super friendly and their prices are better than Archiver's.

Anonymous said...

My favorite places to shop have now become the whole internet. I've been to Michaels,Joanns and Craft Warehouse, all since I decided not to sign the new IDA. Wow, I feel so free. I have a whole craft room filled with SU products because I felt I had to show everything in the new catalog and minis as they were each released. You know, I can now purchase with no shipping when I order about $50 when I shop at most on-line sites (PTI, Ellen Hudson, etc). My only regret over this is that I had invested so much. I'm teaching a fun class in October with "my favorite things-all things stamping". My stamping group are all really excited. Think I may come up with kits of paper, images and embellies to add to my class fee. Hope you make the best decision for your peace of mind - good luck. Hugs, Jackie M - Oregon